Anti Virus


Viruses and trojan horses. These threads will never become old. Right now it is the time of spontaneous migration of this malware on mobile platform. Phones and tablets are broth for these worms. Mobile devices are advantageous to them, because we carry them everywhere.

MDD AntiVirus is the most complete Mobile Security solution for mobile devices. Besides standard functionality it contains several useful security modules such as AntiSpyware, AntiTheft or SMS Shield. This robust piece of software puts together all other MDD Guard applications, which makes your protection unbreakable.

AntiVirus is thrifty to device resources, so your phone or tablet will stay in shape. User interface is tuned for tablets and phones separately. For phones one pane is used, in tablet two pane mode is automatically enabled for an even more confortable use.


*   Advanced scanning techniques (reverse engineering)
*   Virus, malware and spyware removal
*   Resident shields
*   Regular database updates
*   Remote device tracker
*   Adware scanner
*   Dangerous binary SMS protection

For customers convenience, our resident shields keeps device secured without any user action needed. If there is some threat found, a notification will appear and the user is able to solve it immediately.


*   Anti-Virus
*   Anti-Spyware
*   Anti-Theft
*   Anti-Adware
*   SMS Shield

After installation, AntiVirus works for 14 days trial mode. After that time, the application will continue to work, but will no longer keep virus definition database updated.

Use one license for all your devices!