Anti Spyware


At the very beginning some hidden SMS forwarders appeared on the market. Originally made by developers with the intention to bring it's functionality of watching children activities. They were misused by attackers to spy on anybody's messages. Despite nowadays these applications are forbidden on the market, there have already spread and have a hell lot more advanced features. They can spy on your emails, phone calls, social network communications, GPS position, or even, yes, a camera.

AntiSpyware from Guard is based on a hand made database of spyware we collected for several years. Through that time it has become the biggest database ever. It even contains spyware like SpyApp or Parcial which no other anti spyware application is able to recognize. Right now the MDD AntiSpyware wins over customers from all around the world. And we are finding a way, how to make it even more attractive.


*   Advanced scanning techniques (reverse engineering)
*   Handmade database, biggest in the mobile world
*   Regular database updates
*   Able to find spyware that no other applications can

There are two versions of application. Premium version has already one year license purchased. Free version has license for 14 days trial, then it needs to be purchased, it will work without it, but the database will no longer been actualized.

Use one license for all your devices!