Our Mission...

Some years ago (two or something like that), friend of one of the company visionary, was talking about that story. It happened to him, that his mobile operator send him this scary invoice. They charged him terrible lot of money for services he never used. Sadly for him, some malware in his phone used secretly this morbidly overpriced service, so he couldn't claim that. What was the most alarming on that story was, that he was actually using mobile security software on that device.

Synchronicity made me discovered application on Google Play, that allows nuisance to spy somebody sms messages. Everything that you needed was to install that piece of software to victims phone. That wasn't what I did. Instead of that, I've installed that voyager application to my own phone - just for fun. I was actually having lunch with my friend, that visionary guy, while I was testing this espionage toy. He noticed, that my mobile security software I have used had no idea about that threat.

Since that time, we tested tons of that spy applications on the market against several top mobile security and antiviruses. That was terrible sobering what we found. Purpose security companies makes their mobile security applications is only to make a money. There is no interest about you, your privacy, your data, anything..

Well, the idea was born. It was simple. Let's make a team of mobile users for mobile users. We put together security experts with developers, both mobile fanatics as we are. We have strongly believed (showed that by right), that when we make real products satisfying users real needs, they will help us in return.

Our users are very kind. They are actually friends of us. Have to say that. They help us to uncover lot of facts we miss. Without them, we were figuratively blind. During the development process you hit the point when you are no longer able to determine right way. Especially when you are making user interface. Despite you are mobile enthusiast, you lost that perspective. That is the time when we really feel that support.

When we found our users are so supportive, we decided to repay. Everyday we kept making values after working hours - discussing dangers, redrawing drafts, or even, yeah.. playing table soccer ;-)

So, that was the born of MDD Guard. And since that time, nothing was changed. Exept, for sure, some newcomers joined our team, and there are also some that left. But the spirit remains forever!