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MDD Guard makes mobile users never to be stressed with their security issues anymore.
Don't worry about discovering all that new technology stuffs. With us you are safe.
We are watching your enemies. Guard never sleeps and will always be protecting your privacy at all time.
Security applications should not be prisoners. With our applications you will have more space to breathe.
Mobile Security

Viruses and trojan horses are threads will never become old. Like malware viruses that is able to infect your PC, the same thing is happening to smart phone and tablet users, this caused a big threat. A mobile device has an advantage to them, because we carry them everywhere.

As we are fascinated about all security issues of these days, we made the most complete mobile security application - the MDD AntiVirus. This complex application brings an all in one protection for all threads watching for our users.

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Keep Privacy

At the very beginning some hidden SMS forwarders appeared on the market. Originally software is made by developers with the intention to bring functionality of watching children's activities. But finally they were misused by attackers to spy people's messages. Even though nowadays these applications are forbidden on the market, they have are already spread and have a hell lot more advanced features. They can spy on your emails, phone calls, social network communications, GPS position, or even your camera.

From the beginning we were collectors of these mobile pests and we made a discovery - the MDD AntiSpyware application. You can be sure, it is the biggest mobile spyware database ever created.

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